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We are often asked if sterling silver rings are good for a marriage proposal.The answer is yes and we are happy to give you some guidance on silver engagement rings in this post.

Thinking of making a proposal? Congratulations and best wishes. Do you know which month of the year is the most popular to get engaged? This was the result of a survey in the USAone third of the proposalsspend on Christmas Eve and why not? People are in a party mood!

When it comes to choosing the perfect ring, you have a lot of options. Traditionally, when choosing an engagement ring, gold, white gold and platinum are popular.

However, there is another precious metal that you shouldn't discount. This precious metal is silver. These days, anything goes, and sterling silver rings are a popular, functional, and affordable engagement ring option.

If you are intrigued and want to consider sterling silver engagement rings, read on. Follow the guidelines below carefully to make the right choice.

Sterling Silver Rings: What You Need to Know

Silver as a precious metal is relatively soft and very malleable. Although pure silver is even softer, it is not suitable for making a permanent engagement ring. Instead, 925 sterling silver should be considered as it is the most popular choice for silver wedding and engagement bands today. Sterling silver rings are made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

It comes with luscious shine, a natural glow and an inner glow. Silver can often be more intriguing than other metals. It is also the cheapest option compared to white gold, platinum and gold. For those on a budget, sterling silver rings can look like white gold without the gold price tag.

there are several beautiful onessilver engagement ringstyles to choose from. Each of them can be carefully handcrafted to your liking.

Possible health benefits?

Here's something you might not have considered when looking for silver engagement rings. Some claim possible health benefits of silver. It's amazing to know that your choice of a silver engagement ring can have significant health benefits!

Silver has been used in many different cultural contexts for years and is considered by some to be a powerful antimicrobial agent. This special property is said to help fight infections, prevent colds and flu, and even heal wounds. Another attribute of silver is that it helps with circulation and regulation of internal heat.

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Some silver wearers have even reported improvements in their mood and energy levels after wearing silver jewelry. Imagine owning a piece of jewelry that resembles an unconditional bond that is beautifully made and has incredible health benefits.

In July 2016, HuffPost published an interesting article titled "10 science-based benefits and uses of silver“. He makes a number of interesting claims about the benefits of silver.

While Luxuria® diamonds don't claim the health benefits associated with sterling silver rings, we love the brilliant hue of sterling silver. It is a pleasure to use this precious metal to create silver engagement rings.

Photo: A halo engagement ring with a simulated cushion-cut diamond. Sterling silver rings come in a variety of styles. Look for rhodium-plated silver rings as they are more durable. [SOURCE: Luxuria Diamonds]

Characteristics of sterling silver rings

Some silver engagement rings are treated with a process known as "flaring". During this process, the ring bands are coated with a thin layer of "fine" silver, typically ninety-nine percent pure silver. This helps give the ring a finished look that added zest and sparkle.

Other sterling silver rings are rhodium treated or plated. Rhodium is a highly reflective and corrosion resistant silvery white metallic element. It is considered one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals in the world. The price of rhodium, a precious metal, far exceeds that of gold and platinum. The benefit of rhodium plating silver is that it increases the durability and shine of the ring.

All Luxuria® brand sterling silver engagement rings are rhodium plated. The rhodium plating prevents scratches, improves color quality and protects the wearer from possible metal allergies.

Some Advantages of Sterling Silver or Sterling Engagement Rings

There are a variety of interesting shapes and styles that can be fashioned from silver. This is because silver is light but malleable. This simply means that silver can be hammered or pressed without breaking or cracking.

Sterling silver is an affordable and viable metal. This gives jewelers and designers more artistic freedom. These creators can experiment with new styles and keep up with the latest trends. Whether you're looking for eye-catching jewelry or delicate fashion jewelry, you're sure to find sterling silver rings to match your style.

Due to their versatility and ease of formation, sterling silver rings are some of the best engagement ring designs. If you plan to personalize your engagement ring, sterling silver is the ideal option.

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Silver is easily stamped and textured and has the potential to develop a patina that will add personality to the ring. Your engagement ring can be worn with any outfit, any style and even with other jewelry due to its beauty.

Although, if not plated with rhodium silver, it can tarnish easily, it should be polished quickly.bring back the shineand shine in the ring. To avoid damage or scratches, store your ring in a single section of your jewelry box so it can retain its beauty.

Pictured above: Want a celebrity-sized simulated emerald-cut diamond ring weighing more than 8 carats? These engagement rings are still very affordable when the jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver [SOURCE: Luxuria Diamonds]

A Known Disadvantage of Sterling Silver or Sterling Engagement Rings

Whilesilver engagement ringsIt has many benefits, there are some factors to consider as you will have this ring for a lifetime.

Sterling silver rings tend to be softer, making them more prone to scratches and warping. Silver is less durable than gold or platinum. However, if you work with the right jeweler, fixing a silver engagement ring is easy.

There are several ways to make silver engagement rings more durable. The key is to have the ring rhodium plated.

Another option is to have your jeweler make the piece from a harder metal, such as palladium.

When you buy a palladium plated sterling silver ring, you get a ring that is much stronger than one that just has copper added. If you're nervous about your ring's durability, talk to your jeweler or buy rings that are already infused with palladium.

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Pictured above: Sterling silver engagement rings can be decorated with any stone you desire. Shown here is a round cut synthetic emerald gemstone paired with round cut cubic zirconia diamond simulants. The ring is made of rhodium plated 925 sterling silver. [SOURCE: Luxury Diamonds]

Silver rings can also be decorated with any desired stone. You have the option to choose betweenzirconia or diamondjust like all other gemstones.Sterling silver rings with a natural gemstonesuch as amethyst, topaz or sapphire etc. they are also popular.

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So, should I propose with a sterling silver ring?

Read our article entitledWho really proposes with silver engagement rings?In this article, we share five reasons why silver engagement rings are all the rage. Regardless of cost, sterling silver rings can be used as a temporary engagement ring to propose. If you accept it, you can buy a real store along with budget allowances. She will love this idea!

Sales of sterling silver rings with cubic zirconia stones have exploded in recent years as more grooms look to eliminate the risk and potential financial loss of purchasing the wrong natural diamond gemstone ring.

IF you're not sure how to adjust a sterling silver ring to fit her or your finger, read this article. we are discussinghow to match your silver engagement ring to her. We cover different ring cuts and shapes, recognizing that different hand and finger sizes should influence your choice of silver engagement ring.

Are cheap engagement rings okay?

There are no rules when choosing engagement rings. What matters is that you and your partner like it and can afford it! The good news is that there are plenty of equally stunning diamond-free alternatives. In fact, there are countless options for sterling silver engagement rings that look expensive.

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Picture Above: Sterling Silver Engagement Rings are perfect as temporary or replacement rings for a surprise proposal. The ring can later be used as a travel ring so you don't risk losing a more valuable ring while on vacation. [Source: Luxury Diamonds]

Also, cheap does not necessarily mean poor quality, alternative materials do. For example, a silver bracelet can be used instead of a platinum bracelet. Silver is still a precious metal and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. High quality sterling silver rings are plated with rhodium, another precious metal. check this blogcheap engagement ringsfor more information.

One last look at silver engagement rings

When making your final decision on silver engagement rings, you must consider all the pros and cons.

Whichever style you prefer, you have the option of getting a ring embellished with cubic zirconia or a natural diamond. It's all about your budget and taste.

Silver is known to have health benefits and this is one of the more unusual benefits when choosing it for your engagement ring. If you are health conscious and prefer to use a metal that is unlikely to cause damage in everyday use, then silver is a good choice for you.

Silver rings have the potential to be just as beautiful as gold and just as durable. The upside is that they also tend to be cheaper.

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Sterling silver rings are perfect for a surprise proposal. Since you don't have to ask anyone for advice, your suggestion might come as a complete surprise.

Other sterling silver rings also make great travel companions as there is no need for expensive insurance or worrying about painful diamonds being lost or stolen.

With that said, it's time to pool your money and make informed decisions about your silver engagement ring. If you need help choosing a ring, pleaseContact us.

Silver rings - buy now

Would you like to discover more?

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Here are five reasons whySterling silver and CZ engagement ringsThey are super trendy in 2020.

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We also welcome your comments on Are Sterling Silver Rings Eligible for a Proposal? Use the comments section below.

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