As states push anti-trans laws, California is considering its own (2023)

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Bills that would limit the rights of transgender people have been passed in state legislatures across the country. This is part of more than 450 bills restricting the rights of members of the LGBTQ community in this legislature alone.praise the ACLU.

Last month,GeorgiajTennesseeUnit11 other statesgetting laws on the books that prevent gender-affirming procedures or hormone replacement therapy for anyone under 18 (even with parental or guardian consent).Nebraska,Carolina do Sul,West Virginia,MississippijDakota del SurThey are very close and similar bills pass through their legislatures.

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Bills targeting other LGBTQ communities and gender identities have also attracted national attention. Tennessee recentlyProhibited drag demonstrationsin public space. The North Dakota legislature sent the governor a bill to that effect.prevent school-aged children from using pronounsother than those assigned to them at birth, without parental consent.

While California leaders have positioned the state as aprogressive safe haven for transgender people, The reality is more complicated.

Two Republican state legislators in Sacramento have proposed a bill that would require school officials to notify parents if their child is transgender or identifies as a gender that does not match the gender assigned at birth.

[Keep reading:California law requires schools to notify parents if their child is transgender]

Of course, the bill has little chance of making it through the dark blue California legislature.

In fact, California has had a law prohibiting this practice since 2014. Teachers and educators cannot tell parents when a student uses new pronouns in school or comes out as transgender to peers.

The reasoning? Revealing that a student is transgender could put the student at risk and violate California anti-discrimination law, making the student more vulnerable to harassment and violating a student's right to privacy, the agency said.California Department of Education.

according to aStudy published in the National Library of Medicine in 2021.

on aState survey 2022According to LGBTQ advocacy group The Trevor Project, only 1 in 3 transgender and non-binary youth said they felt safe at home sharing their identity.

But Bill Essayli (R-Riverside), one of the project's two co-sponsors, argues that parents deserve to know what decisions their children are making.

"Parents play a critical role in raising and supporting their children and cannot be removed from the equation," Essayli told a press conference at Jurupa Valley High School last month.

She added that if critics are concerned about abuse of transgender children at home, they can be assured that teachers are reporters for hire and already looking for abuse.

[Advance:A 9-year-old transgender girl shares her story]

This did not convince his critics.

In a note condemning the bill, theCalifornia LGBTQ Legislative GroupHe said: "Conversations between children and their parents about gender identity should be on their terms, at the time and place they see fit, not because politicians say so" and that exposing students against their will "puts you in a life-threatening situation." Notice."

The Los Angeles Times editorial boardHe joined the chorus, calling the bill "a minor bill designed to win political points from his conservative constituency".

Senator Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) shared his disapproval of the bill on Twitter.

AboutFlorida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis' Bill, which requires teachers and counselors to inform parents of their children's gender identity,weiner tweeted, “A DeSantis-style bill has just been introduced in California to require teachers/counsels to notify parents when a child has a gender identification that is not on the birth certificate. Even if the child is not yet ready to talk to the parents. Even if you cheat on the child you risk domestic violence.

"I didn't. Not in California.

And now,This is what happens in California:

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As states push anti-trans laws, California is considering its own (2)

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With the rainy winter we've had, the flowers and streams of water will be spectacular this spring. An unexpected place to find both is above Oroville in the North and South Table Mountain Ecological Preserve. It's two basalt tables overlooking the town of Oroville to the south and the Pacific mountain ranges to the west and even Lassen and Shasta to the north on a clear day.

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