Best Multiplayer Browser Games 2021 (No Download) (2023)

Quick access to games isn't just for mobile users or those looking for it.browser based idle games. Many PC users can quickly access multiplayer browser games without having to log in.

So open your browser, make sure it's updated to the latest version, and try a new game today.

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The best multiplayer browser games

If you don't know where to start, think about what kind of game you want to play. Some people preferMMOor role-playing games like Mirage Online Classic, where they can adventure alone, with friends, or with strangers.

Others may want to try aThe game is better with friends you know, such as Gartic Phone or Codenames Online. Simpler games like are a great way to pass a few minutes between meetings. There is something for everyone.

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Now let's dive into the list, shall we?

Best Multiplayer Browser Games 2021 (No Download) (1)

a great mix ofcut and reduceWith some strategy, is an excellent example of what a multiplayer browser game can be. You and your team mustovercome other groupsto gain control of the map with differentWeapons and athletic moves. The game includes mappable hotkeys, item switching, and gear selection.

Creating an account and logging in can help you level up your character as it will give you access to daily quests. You also get some free gold for signing up and you canbuy weaponsto make your character more effective.

Because the game drops you right into the action, it's easy to pick up and play play with friendseven if you don't have much time. That's why Wilds is one of the best multiplayer browser games.


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Catan Universe is an online version of the popular game The Settlers of Catan. It is astrategy gamewhere you and your friends compete for resources, fight each other and try to win somethingtactical decisionsto ensure your group tops the rest.Only one player can the top end.

Although the game is free to play, you can purchase additional expansions. There iscustom game settingswhere you can determine who is playing and who is on each team. If you want to play alone, there are also single player and AI vs player modes. The game also features an ELO system with leaderboards, offering a different kind of competition.

You can also play Catan Universe on Steam or mobile devices. Of course, none of these options are browser games.

the lord of the sand

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Lords of the Arena is another strategy game that you can take on with friends. You each form a team of 30 separate heroes optimized to defeat the campaign game or other players.

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Unique items can help equip and further customize your party of characters to help you complete the various challenges. There are nine leagues inArena PvP. You and your friends can create teams to try out.conquer the leaderboards and defeat other players.

If you plan on playing regularly, keep an eye out for daily login rewards. Sometimes you get items worth logging on for a brief second even if you don't plan on playing.

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In Agar, your character is a small circle that floats on a large surface andtry to eat the colonand other players. As you grow, it becomes easier to interact with other parts of the map, devour other players and get the resources to keep growing. Use the mouse to control your movement, the space bar to divide yourself into several circles and W to get rid of part of your mass.

Hagar gives you the opportunity to do thisTeam up with your friends as a clan and compete against opponents together.This can help you survive longer if you are frequently eaten by other more prominent players. Just have a friend create a room and others will join using the friend's code.

phone Gartic

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Gartic Phone is a collaborative game in which people give instructions, draw answers and face time limits.Create some pretty crazy works of artand entertainment. Some game modes support up to 15 players. The most basic mode is normal, where everyone asks and everyone draws.

They also recently added an animation mode. Each person makes a challenge and each person receives one from a different player. Each round, the person sees the previous image and draws the next moment in the animation. When the game is over, the instructions and animations are assembled and presented to the players.

Gartic Phone is agreat game to play with your friendsif you want a good laugh. I've been to games with several friends where we laughed so hard we couldn't talk for very long. With so many game modes, it's definitely worth checking out, especially when you can get everyone together on Discord during gameplay.

Classic Online Mirage

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Mirage online classic orMMORPGwith lots of customization and exploration on offer. It offers six classes, ten skills, over 15 dungeons and hundreds of magic items, all in your browser. Classes are grouped into support, melee, and ranged based on your playstyle preference.


Mirage Online Classic HatGuilds and online chatsdirectly in the browser to make playing with your friends more accessible. This means that if you are unable to sign in to a messaging service on your computer, you will still be able to communicate during gameplay.

With a group of friends, your rise to become the best Mirage player will be much easier, as you can lean on and help defeat the most dangerous areas in the game.

codenames on the internet

Best Multiplayer Browser Games 2021 (No Download) (7)

Codenames Online is aword guessing gamethat turnssecret identities. There are different cards on the table, each with an assigned word. The spymaster gives a word hint, and an agent from one of the two teams tries to guess a related term, which is also linked to a secret identity.

The game ends when one team has all the identities or when they make contact with an assassin. A team that makes contact with an assassin loses.

Spymasters have the biggest challenge in this game because they have to stay serious no matter what the agent suspects.


Best Multiplayer Browser Games 2021 (No Download) (8)

Krunker is aego shooterwhich can be played online. He has12 rotation cardsand a variety ofSkill Based Movesthat you must use to beat the other players. He hasobjective modesin addition todeathmatch real, then you have a lot of opportunities to interest yourself and your friends.

You can appear in a game without even logging in. There is an option to join a game, host a game or explore a variety of servers if you and your friends want to play with others. It even has mods you can load into the sidebar to create a completely different experience or enhance a custom game you and your friends are creating.

Miniclip 8-Ball-Pool

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Miniclip 8 Ball Pool is the browser version of a pool hall. You can play with your friends, compete with strangers, and even enter tournaments to test your skills against the best players the internet has to offer. Just don't enter a tournament until you've had a chance to dominate the game online by playing against your friends first.

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Winning games earns you party tokens that you can use to customize your game. you can even getpersonalized suggestions. Although you don't need to register to play, it's best to create an account to start playing with your friends and find yourself in the game.

war corridor

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If you like battle royale-style shooters, check out War Brokers. It's an FPS that also offers Speed, Classic, and Survival modes. After creating an account, you can log in and start adding friends with accounts to a friends list for easy play together.

The game looks veryVisual mais caricatural, and the characters almost remind me of minecraft characters. They appear with a variety of weapons on the number keys to choose from.

The movement is quite smooth and you have a decent jump height. Note that friendly players are highlighted in green, so shooting them won't help your team.

Advantages of browser games

Playing browser games is great because you can log in from virtually anywhere with a computer. No need to wait for downloads and updates. The game is maintained on the server itself.

Your progress is saved online, which means you don't have to keep it safe on your computer, which is handy when you need to free up hard drive space.

And hey, if your boss catches you, just send him this list so he can enjoy games while he works too!


When people think of browser games, it's normal to think of single player andpuzzle style games. This is no longer the case. Browser games can be shooting games, adventure games and strategy games.

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Many of them allow you to find friends or use online matchmaking to find new people to play with. I hope you found what interests you, if not and you feel something is missing, feel free to leave a comment below!


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