Example of a Christian Corrective Action Process - Christian School Administration (2023)

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critics Related products Clint Allen, directorAcademia Alpha Omega, Texas Jed Davis, Chairman of the BoardParkview Christian Academy, IL Peter Hansen, Head of SchoolLancaster County Christian School Deborah Miller, Regional Director (Former)ACSI - Noroeste, MT Diann Floth, DirectorBillings Christian School, MT Josh Bowar, Head of SchoolSioux Centre Christian School, IA Bethany Wirin, Head of SchoolMarshalltown Christian School, IA Diann Floth, DirectorBillings Christian School, MT Nicki Kuiper, moderatorschools of the heart Dr. William Walner, DirectorBethany Christian School, California Edward Fidellow, Executive DirectorMontessori Christian Community Robert Peck, directorSamuel School, Pennsylvania Cade Lambert, SuperintendentDes Moines Christian School Erin Hart, principal3 Rivers Christian School, WA Aaron Coon, school principalCalvary Christian Academy, DE Michelle Goodman, DirectorDe King's Academy, PA Lucas Davies, directorClassical Christian School Seattle, Washington Mike Myers, DirectorDayspring Christian School, PA Clark Gilbert, school principalMilpitas Christian School, CA Warren Barrett, headmasterGrace Academie, MD Cindy Dodds, Regional Director;ACSI - Northeast Kyle Cooper, Chairman of the BoardByron Center Christian School Jake Mulvihill, Head of SchoolHeritage Christian Academy, MN Shawn Smith, directorGrace Christian School, VT Henry Thorn, SuperintendentChristian Schools of Southwest Chicago, IL David Couchman, DirectorSummit Christian School, California ds. "Boe" Kay, DirectorBisschop Noland Episcopal Day School, LA John Barkel, directorFremont Christian School, MI Kasinda Bristol, PrincipalTrinity Christian School, CT Shawn Smith, school principalGrace Christian School, VT Neil Capone, school principalFaith Heritage School, New York Jake Mulvihill, Head of SchoolHeritage Christian Academy, MN Jennifer Knecht, school principalManheim Christian Day School, PA Dan De Kam, Executive DirectorCollaborative Christian Schools of West Michigan, MI Denise Marti, principal of the schoolProvidencia: Montessori Christian community Jeffrey Pospisil, DirectorCedar Valley Christian, IA Shawn Smith, directorGrace Christian School, VT Jerry BowenACSI Rocky Mountain House Jake Mulvihill, Head of SchoolOld Christian Academy Denise Marti, Principal, ProvidenceMontessori Christian Community Diann Floth, DirectorBillings Christian School, MT Mike Sligh, Head of SchoolLakeland Christian School, FL Dan DeKam, Executive DirectorChristian Schools in West Michigan Dan Tallacksen, Board of DirectorsChristian Heritage Academy, IL Courtney Elliott, Head of SchoolHope Academy, MI Denise Marti, principal of the schoolProvidence: A Montessori Christian Community, NC Jake Mulvihill, Head of SchoolHeritage Christian Academy, MN Jeff Pospisil, school principalCedar Valley Christian School, IA Tom DeJonge, SuperintendentGrand Rapids Christian School, MI Dan Tallacksen, board treasurer;Christian Heritage Academy, IL Stephen Roddy, Head of SchoolLighthouse Christian School, WA Brian Polk, Chairman of the Board;Church Schools Initiative, Florida Bill Shelnutt, school principalTrinity Presbyterian School, AL Reverend "Boo" KayEpiscopal Day School, Lake Charles, LA Becky Miedema, Head of Human ResourcesDes Moines Christian School Maria Krol, directorGuardian Angel Orthodox School, IL Subscribe to our newsletter "ENTHEOS"

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Example of a Christian Corrective Action Process - Christian School Administration (4)


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“Steve was very authoritative on his subject. He has a great understanding and familiarity with the physical worldview of running a school dedicated [to this biblical worldview] and he was certainly able to convey that. One of the things I really appreciate about Steve is that he and I spent time on the phone after the workshop, he emailed and is very available for questions, discussions and to help me.”

Clint Allen, director
Academia Alpha Omega, Texas

Tom and Greg were very professional guys. They knew the history of Parkview and adjusted. We went through big changes a week or two before the appointment and they rearranged the whole approach. They were very kind when they met us where we were. We got the direction we needed.

Jed Davis, Chairman of the Board
Parkview Christian Academy, IL

I found out? Yes, he is very kind, good with all different groups, he gets along well with them. Simon is very blunt - "I can't imagine a worse schedule." Some of the comments were hard to hear for some of my employees, especially the marketing team. He's direct, he doesn't cut corners – that's why I pay him. If only he could say it for them to hear. He was well versed in all school data, well prepared and non-regulatory - like "your assignment is wrong" - whatever his preferences were.

Peter Hansen, Head of School
Lancaster County Christian School

Simeon did a great job. I don't agree with him on everything, but his positions are always logical and intellectually formed.

Deborah Miller, Regional Director (Former)
ACSI - Noroeste, MT

I don't know how it could have been otherwise, but it was a lot to process in 3 days. We wrote the plan with him, presented it to the faculty and continued to refine it until about 2 weeks ago. This was very helpful for our team. I was glad it had core teachers - there are many more members. Simon was so nice. One point he focused on was the mission statement. As one of his acquaintances, I said I wished he could speak to the Council about it. So he came to a meeting at 6am on the day he left. So the Brood Foundation came in and talked to them about the facility. Our high school principal, who is relatively new to the school (2 years), was more enthusiastic about Simon's visit than he has been since he joined us. He gave you direction. IF it was just this [search result] it would be worth it.

Diann Floth, Director
Billings Christian School, MT

Collaborate - We had lots of meetings and discussions before the day about what the goals were for the day. Then we had dinner and talked about how it went and what the next steps are. He was very interested in tailoring what needed to happen. He said what needed to be said, but in a way that could be heard. Their fees are very reasonable. it was very affordable for our school. Was amazing!

Josh Bowar, Head of School
Sioux Centre Christian School, IA

It was very exciting. Everyone is encouraged and energized – it's the shot in the arm we need.

Bethany Wirin, Head of School
Marshalltown Christian School, IA

Simon has such deep knowledge. Getting his perspective on where you stand is valuable. We expected new things and we got them. The amazing thing is that there were areas we didn't know he was knowledgeable about and he could discuss with us. We'll take it back. It's like an annual self-examination, where Simon goes through each year and checks a specific area.

Diann Floth, Director
Billings Christian School, MT

Simon asked lots of questions before speaking to the audience so he knew who we were and what we were looking for. He was easy to listen to and cracked jokes here and there - nice to have when you're sitting back and listening. He went straight. He wasn't pushy, but he wasn't afraid to say what needed to be said either. We felt he was very knowledgeable and had a lot of experience to bring to the table.

Nicki Kuiper, moderator
schools of the heart

At 7 a.m. the following Friday, I passed a kindergarten teacher who said, “Dr. Walner, it was money well spent. All teachers felt valued by the strategic planning process. Bill and Tom helped solidify the visionary ideas, but more valuable was understanding how to fund those ideas over the next 5 years. The strategic financial plan showed us what the market could handle and recommended an 8.9% tuition increase. We usually do about 5%, but we did it and our rewrite was the strongest.

Dr. William Walner, Director
Bethany Christian School, California

We were very blessed by what Bill (Simmer) said. People's experience was, "I've never thought of it that way." It helped everyone a lot. it was a mixture of young and "old" [senior professors]. There was a completely different perspective – based on facts versus anecdotes. We were satisfied - very much so. Several people have said they want Bill back.

Edward Fidellow, Executive Director
Montessori Christian Community

This was a great experience. When you're doing it yourself and you have someone by your side to help you, it makes so much sense - it's such a powerful experience to have a plan. My goal is to review the strategic plan on a weekly basis. We appreciate the effort put into getting everything structured on paper – year 1, year 2.

Robert Peck, director
Samuel School, Pennsylvania

Christian school leadership is more complex, demanding, and necessary than ever. Traditional graduate programs fail to prepare Christian school leaders and provide ongoing support to address this reality. Transformation Academy provides the structure, content, and coaching to prepare current and future leaders to thrive in leading Christian schools. It is one of the few programs that comprehensively covers critical leadership roles in finance, fundraising, governance, intellectual leadership and data-driven organizational benchmarking. If I replaced myself in the HOS role at my school, the Transformation Academy would be mandatory for my successor.

Cade Lambert, Superintendent
Des Moines Christian School

For most of us involved in Christian education, it doesn't take long to realize that it is unlike any other type of organization. Education in the non-profit and for-profit world does not meet the unique circumstances of the business/ministry paradox in private Christian education. In my first year as head of school, I felt like an astronaut without a chain — well aware of all the huge things I didn't know and wasn't sure about. The Transformation Academy served as my “ground check” experience. Addressing both the strategic and the intellectual, I returned to my school with a framework for progress and a set of effective tools to help my board understand specific opportunities for improvement. Implementation of these improvements is a work in progress, but my school has gone from a "whirlwind" to a financially sound, mission-oriented ministry of education. Prayer, hard work, and good intentions can get you very far, but it's important to first know you're on the right path. The Transformation Academy has been instrumental in defining our focus on change.

Erin Hart, principal
3 Rivers Christian School, WA

The value in Transformation Academy is more than the investment to attend. I came to Transformation Academy with 10 years of experience as a school principal and felt that I was receiving the most valuable leadership training I have ever received in Christian education. These two years changed my life and my path as a school director. I left this experience feeling prepared to make decisions that would revolutionize the effectiveness and sustainability of our school. Transformation Academy is truly transformative. That was five years ago. Since then, our school has grown, adding a campus, building a strategic reserve, adding highly qualified staff in administrative positions, and making changes to the curriculum and program to better meet the needs of our students. Everyone in Christian school leadership should attend the Transfiguration Academy to change the course of Christian education for the Kingdom!

Aaron Coon, school principal
Calvary Christian Academy, DE

Simon and Bill managed to sell it to the council. They did a lot of homework and knew a lot about us. I really appreciate how approachable they followed the question. One day I sent them 3 emails. They responded quickly and were able to give us good advice.

Michelle Goodman, Director
De King's Academy, PA

Bill and Simon did their homework - pointing out things we hadn't noticed and we were like "Really?" They knew us like everyone else on paper. They respected our mission. One of the recommendations was an update to the mission - how to improve it - and it was always respected. Success is usually measured by starting with clear goals. This is what we have. In teachers, two areas were really positive: the mission at the beginning and the professional learning community at the end. The other two areas fell like a brick: design and evaluation. It was the only downside of the week.

Lucas Davies, director
Classical Christian School Seattle, Washington

This time they added a piece and involved our faculty. That wasn't part of the first one we did. It made a big difference for the teachers to see that they were valued. You got what you needed to hear: they didn't mince words, and we don't pay them to mince words. There was no garnish. And they did so constructively, not critically.

Mike Myers, Director
Dayspring Christian School, PA

It totally facilitated the conversations. The school goes through many changes and people need to share their thoughts and opinions about the past. He was sensitive about it. He was very cooperative. It's nice to work with a consultant like Simon – we appreciate that. He is an experienced person who has been in the industry for a long time and works with a school that does not operate with best practices. He is great company and has a lovely way with his personality and approach to things. It makes it fun.

Clark Gilbert, school principal
Milpitas Christian School, CA

It took some time for board members to spend the money to hire a consultant. We had previously hired a consultant and only implemented some of the suggestions. The full Council agreed that the money was well spent. We did our best to do this. I was able to convince the chairman of the board, but we spent about an hour in a board meeting discussing the hiring of the CSM. Even at our meeting last week, board members said, "It was good advisory research." The Council agreed that it was indeed a good idea. Our board members are entrepreneurs and have had advisors. Someone spent $75,000 on a consulting study and never realized much. He said they were actually wasting the money. Board members say "it was worth it". We appreciated that the plan was written in a useful way. Many consultants provide information, but it is not helpful. I also appreciate that Bill and Simon were accessible after the visit. This is very important to us. They said, "If you need us, if you have any questions, feel free to email or call." A lot of people would say, "We get paid $125 an hour."

Warren Barrett, headmaster
Grace Academie, MD

We hired the lab leaders as a team - they did a great job. They were socially aware - they were sensitive to what was going on in the room, even when they were teaching. They were all so wonderful. Well worth the $$ - will definitely hire them again. I certainly believe that the practical solutions they offered will have an impact if adopted by schools. I like what Simon and Bill have to offer. Lauren is out of the park - she's brilliant.

Cindy Dodds, Regional Director;
ACSI - Northeast

Overall the experience has been very positive and the board has been reinvigorated, re-energized, and we're all very excited about that. We are already taking the first step. We contacted a lead facility designer, hired him, and are moving forward. We also made financial decisions on tuition fees last night and are working on our governance and board structure.

Kyle Cooper, Chairman of the Board
Byron Center Christian School

"Together we came up with the idea during the school evaluation. Simon took us to where we said, "This is good." I appreciate that not everything we were building was thrown away. They created a mindset shift that allowed us to focus on growth and created a system for the 95% of teachers who want to grow. We'll be rolling it out in the spring." We were presented with the timeline - it's amazing what they've achieved in the time they've spent. They've shown how we could pay back financially and the benefits it would bring. So much you have to think about that I asked him to give us give a day later, from homecoming to delving into the middle and high school schedules. The research pieces were important; they laid the groundwork for why. Because of the challenges With the current schedule going by, it became clear that we needed a change. We will implement it in 2021."

Jake Mulvihill, Head of School
Heritage Christian Academy, MN

"He told us what we needed to hear. It's one of the promises of CSM – it's built into the organization – you'll get a helping hand and a nudge in the right direction. In the first meeting we defined the framework: strategic planning, strategic financial planning, mission briefing. This time we build on that structure and complete it. Simon gives us hope (which is huge), help (a plan), direction (where we want to go) and sage advice (based on his industry knowledge, passion for Christian schools and years of experience) . It's just priceless. When other schools call, I say, 'Do whatever you can to get them there. If that makes you a student, you paid for it. It's worth every penny and then some."

Shawn Smith, director
Grace Christian School, VT

"Simon helped us understand what we needed to do to take the school on a different path. He didn't try to turn us into something we weren't. The administration and the board realized that the world is changing very quickly. It was a very helpful process for us The leadership and the board are energized. Next Monday, God willing, the board will approve the strategic plan. On February 15th, God willing, we will have a service to present the plan to present the college . We're getting in with both feet."

Henry Thorn, Superintendent
Christian Schools of Southwest Chicago, IL

"KPIs have been really helpful. We may feel like we're really growing and improving, but are we really? It's given us something tangible to look at and judge. My time in schools I've had maybe 3 counseling experiences and this is the first I felt like it really got my money's worth. It was a really good thing for us. I talked to the chairman of the board and we're starting to turn the corner we wanted to. It was the push we needed."

David Couchman, Director
Summit Christian School, California

"I knew we had a lot of preparation to do. Simon was very specific about what was needed. He did his homework to make sure our time together was good. He was knowledgeable when he arrived. He read all the material we sent and everything he could get his hands on in his hands. He and Greg certainly made an easy team - they complemented each other. Greg added relevant things he had seen recently at his own school and elsewhere. Simon didn't jump to conclusions. He left us with 7 different moments and we were tasked with getting to the bottom of it. He informed us of the possibilities and showed us each one's strengths. We ended up with another one that was not exactly the same as the one he presented. Openness Finishing and reflection is vital - it's better to do on your own.

ds. "Boe" Kay, Director
Bisschop Noland Episcopal Day School, LA

"You don't meet many people like Simon. He can tell you anything and be blunt and make you feel good about yourself. That's great. He said what needed to be said. I wish we'd brought him back for two days . - had so much more to offer. He did a great job with the time he had."

John Barkel, director
Fremont Christian School, MI

"Bill (Stevens) was definitely cooperative and told us what we wanted to hear. There was a meeting with the school board on Saturday to ask questions and get the answers. I liked that he was very honest with us. He can be direct, not mincing words or trying to sugarcoat it. One thing that stuck with me: Bill has experience and he used it to help us dig deeper and think. And he also took the time to not only pray, but with us - that was huge, as a leader and where my focus was.'

Kasinda Bristol, Principal
Trinity Christian School, CT

"We're absolutely blessed. We got more than we bargained for and it was worth more than the salary. It was a value, not an expense. We're thrilled." The hours he put in - we spent 13 hours a day together. It was clear he cared, he was invested. He rolled up his sleeves and tackled everything - from abstract thinking to forward planning, from budgeting to planning - from the mundane to the more strategic. Was very funny."

Shawn Smith, school principal
Grace Christian School, VT

“Simon used his theory and experience to promote the finance committee. He worked non-stop and gave us specific recommendations for our mission and strategic plan moving forward. he was with us. It was like drinking through a fire hose. The board wanted to allocate money to bring back the consultant and monitor the school's progress. We are very grateful.”

Neil Capone, school principal
Faith Heritage School, New York

"What Bill and Simon told us was relevant and realized my vision for the day. Part of that vision was to take some specific themes and lay the groundwork – almost a philosophy of education – that allowed us to move forward together as school . "

Jake Mulvihill, Head of School
Heritage Christian Academy, MN

When asked if the director understood her path better than before, she said: "Yes, absolutely, and so does the Council." Your meetings are more efficient – ​​Board meetings now last 1.5 hours instead of 3 hours. "That's huge."

Jennifer Knecht, school principal
Manheim Christian Day School, PA

"Tom and Simon certainly did their homework. I was amazed - I'm not sure how much they read all the information we gave them, but it seems they read everything. The consultation got people on board on critical issues.

Dan De Kam, Executive Director
Collaborative Christian Schools of West Michigan, MI

When I found the toilet bowl cleaner that actually worked (ZEP), I was so relieved. people and organizations that understand what I stand for and where I want to go (CSM), I have changed. ) of searching high and low for years and trying everything under the sun to meet those needs, you'll agree with what I'm saying. I paid for the education. Lots of them - but I just couldn't find the people who could or would meet me where I was as a school principal. I had worked hard and had a good school. But we want a big school and we want to be able to communicate with others what we do. I did my masters in education, went to countless conferences including leadership conferences, paid to consult with business consultants, non-profit consultants and education consultants - sometimes walking away with nuggets of wisdom so small - you'd mistake them for chicken nuggets at Micky's D's. Then I met Bill. Now I don't want Bill to have a big head - but wow. When she spoke to a group of us at a Christian Montessori conference, I was impressed. In fact, he didn't just know what he was talking about from personal experience—he understood what I was struggling with over the years of researching what school leaders around the world face. It's a significant difference. And Bill is not a boring, polite person... Bill talks like he is. Kind of like that very wise old widow at your church, they look you straight in the eye and tell you the most profound and sometimes hurtful things because they love you and want the best for you and care more about helping you than about you. they like it. But it's even better than that, because Bill LISTENS too! She actively listens and helps you process what's going on in your mind and the revelations waiting to emerge. Then sit back and celebrate the birth of the idea. I mean being a school leader can be challenging. No one else at her school or even in her family really has this job, and she can empathize with the myriad of small victories required to make the transformation happen. But Bill truly understands and enjoys his accomplishments and honors them along the way. When people like Bill and Simon come along and offer their wisdom to help your school... go for it. You get more than just nuggets of wisdom, you get clarity to take your school and personal career to the next level, and the next, and the next... Thanks Bill - you're really amazing and I'm so glad you got to know!

Denise Marti, principal of the school
Providencia: Montessori Christian community

Last spring, Cedar Valley Christian School invited Christian School Management to our school to discuss a strategic plan with us. Bill and Simon spent three days assessing our school and meeting key groups of people. They then presented a strategic plan for our school for the next five years. They were able to give us honest feedback on the things we did well and the things we could do better. They could provide advice based on research and experience. While some things were hard to hear, they were helpful in planning the future of our school. After the visit, the management suggested that I continue with executive coaching. I was hesitant, but I'm glad I took this opportunity. The six subsequent sessions with Bill served as a good reminder of the strategic plan and allowed me to dig deeper into the plan, ask questions, and better understand each part of the plan. Bill was encouraging but direct and helped me navigate our plan, but also helped me grow as a leader. I looked forward to each session and enjoyed the training Bill provided. In terms of school improvement and individual professional development, the time spent with Bill and Simon was extremely valuable and money well spent. I often refer back to something they said or look for their material to continue helping our school be the best it can be.

Jeffrey Pospisil, Director
Cedar Valley Christian, IA

I tell anyone who calls me about CSM or emails, "Do anything but lie, cheat or steal to get them there." Money is always the problem. I tell them to see it as an investment in their school – even if you get a student, the consultation will pay for itself. After all this time, the board was still short of money for this consultation. It's an investment in the school's future, it pays off, look at our past. Basically, we make $200,000.

Shawn Smith, director
Grace Christian School, VT

Overall, it did very, very well in digital format. If he asked me about an area to grow, I would say talk less and get people more involved. Make them want more. On the other hand, he has a lot of good things to share.

Jerry Bowen
ACSI Rocky Mountain House

You could hand us a 5-page document and say it's the ultimate guide to a successful Annual Fund, but the CSM process led to valuable discussion and an invaluable essay. The discussions were about our school. The content was excellent: do's, don'ts, timelines, examples! Deep, simple, educational, inspiring! Most consultants tell us what to do, CSM shows us how! Now we know we can!

Jake Mulvihill, Head of School
Old Christian Academy

You are the political and mechanical engineers of the school board!!! I know we should be the subcontractors doing the work - but we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks! By the way - I can't believe you made this all happen in 4 days. It's like a month of work!

Denise Marti, Principal, Providence
Montessori Christian Community

It has really equipped our new head of school (Academic Dean) to be very successful this year. We had a specific list of topics to discuss and met twice a month. In the first meeting we focused on the topic. the second time, we asked follow-up questions, which were very helpful. (Executive Coaching)

Diann Floth, Director
Billings Christian School, MT

They conducted the talks properly. There was a lot of give and take. It's the nature of the job that every once in a while we say, 'Let's not do that,' and the level of understanding was just right. What did we need to hear? I think so. It's always hard to get into it when you don't know many people. The SFP department was extremely thorough and helpful. They've worked well with our CFO, who is very insightful, and they've shaped the way we think about certain things – it's been great.

Mike Sligh, Head of School
Lakeland Christian School, FL

Knowledge - Yes, that's why I work with them. They are very good at recognizing where their expertise begins and ends - Simon gives in to Patrick because he thinks Patrick is more knowledgeable in certain areas and vice versa. It's not just a transactional conversation. they also make you feel human. We will do the training process again. Compared to the market out there, the cost was good and the coaching was successful, so we went ahead with it. (Collaborative executive coaching)

Dan DeKam, Executive Director
Christian Schools in West Michigan

The great thing about Tom is that he can be very direct. There are certain situations that you as a consultant need to be able to explain to different stakeholders. He adapted very well to the circumstances. He did the job we asked him to do. He has a lot of experience, he knows what works and what doesn't.

Dan Tallacksen, Board of Directors
Christian Heritage Academy, IL

Every time we talked about a particular topic, Bill gave me helpful pointers and pointers. I know he is busy and I appreciated his accessibility. If a situation arose, I reached out and he found time to talk to me. I really appreciate it. He has gotten to know me over time and can speak to my true personality and know the struggles of being in this role.

Courtney Elliott, Head of School
Hope Academy, MI

The biggest victory was to wake up our Board of Directors. That alone paid off - seeing those "aha moments" with our board. They have always been my cheerleaders and not the workers, and there has to come a time when that relationship changes. They really understood

Denise Marti, principal of the school
Providence: A Montessori Christian Community, NC

Path, action, success - absolutely. We have a lot on our plate, but right now it's focused energy. We will be successful in what we are going to achieve and in the clarity of where we are going and what we will say no to with opportunities. Overall, we will build on our success as a school.

Jake Mulvihill, Head of School
Heritage Christian Academy, MN

I will recommend this trainer or anyone else, and I highly recommend the boss to train after getting SP. That was a big part of the progress we were able to make.

Jeff Pospisil, school principal
Cedar Valley Christian School, IA

I am extremely grateful for the final product now that the board has approved it. The board didn't approve that night, and we worked on it for a few months, the board and the leadership team. This made it fit exactly for what it was intended for. There was a significant loss and the council finally unanimously approved the final plan.

Tom DeJonge, Superintendent
Grand Rapids Christian School, MI

I would say we are much more confident compared to our preconceived notions. There was uncertainty about what the future would look like. We know what we need to do to achieve our goals. We know these plans work – others have used the CSM plan and we have tangible examples to build on. Most importantly, the school is now more united around this plan and we can steer the school in a better direction.

Dan Tallacksen, board treasurer;
Christian Heritage Academy, IL

We are very grateful to have consistent leadership and a strategic plan. This is my 20th year with Lighthouse. This makes a difference in where you can go with the school. There is unity around the mission, the word of God, the central value statement of the faith. That's why I like a strategic plan, because it doesn't matter if the board changes. We will never again be a school without strategic planning.

Stephen Roddy, Head of School
Lighthouse Christian School, WA

Our thinking was strategic, early in the process, on the right side of good practice. We needed (the service we got) more than I thought in terms of board roles. It was really nice to have Tom around to give the perspective of someone who is still "in school".

Brian Polk, Chairman of the Board;
Church Schools Initiative, Florida

What my board needed to hear was that all good things can happen, but they have to happen in a very clear order of priority. We can't have them all at once because we can't afford them. If people have "big ideas", it's not a good idea if it's not in the plan.

Bill Shelnutt, school principal
Trinity Presbyterian School, AL

We use our SFP almost every day. Simon worked tirelessly to effectively execute the budget figures so that we came out on top. It's part of everything we've done since then - we've been following the same (sort of) plan for many years. He has worked overtime to make it work, the plan is very specific and detailed.

Reverend "Boo" Kay
Episcopal Day School, Lake Charles, LA

We needed a consultant to succeed. They have a way of bringing out the best in you instead of just coming from leaders and teacher leaders

Becky Miedema, Head of Human Resources
Des Moines Christian School

I must say it is amazing how Simon and Patty use their gifts and talents in a professional and compassionate way. Their examples were promising. What and how they presented to the board and the school's faculty and staff made the experience that much richer. I really liked Simon's examples in the Gospels and the Bible, but it is also important to know that each Christian school has a different depth to its teachings and beliefs. It was good to see him use it and respect our church.

Maria Krol, director
Guardian Angel Orthodox School, IL

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