How to lose feelings for someone you love and let them go (2023)

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When my friend Rebecca asked me for tips on how to lose feelings for someone you love, I couldn't help but smile. And I prayed that she would handle it better than I did after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend Amy. Love is a strong feeling. But breaking up with someone and trying to move on while missing them incessantly, that bag of feelings is strong.

Our friend Sandra had some ideas for Rebecca. So she tried everything we suggested. From casual sex to shooting ranges and spas. Rebecca looks much better now as she continues to fight. Sandra and I still argue about what worked for her. She thinks it was all the boys Rebecca met in Las Vegas or the iguana she adopted. But she wanted to delve into the science of how to lose feelings for your boyfriend. And I did it.

Can you lose feelings for someone you love?


Look forsuggests that falling in love is closely related to the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that is released as a reward to encourage certain activities. When you fall in love, you swim in a pool of dopamine. That's why falling in love feels so good. But when you're done, there's a dopamine deprivation that makes you anxious and depressed. Lack of dopamine makes you constantly think about the person you love.

If I asked you the opposite of love, nine times out of ten you would say hate. But it's wrong. The true opposite of love is apathy. Apathy is not always a bad thing. It simply means that in order to lose feelings for someone you like, you have to make them indifferent to you. This allows your brain to learn not to release dopamine in your thoughts.

How To Lose Your Feelings For Someone You Love And Let It Go - 15 Tips

Look forsuggests thatfear of separationit can produce depression-like symptoms that are similar to the loss of a loved one. No wonder heartbreak is hard to get over. This is true whether you are trying to lose your feelings for someone you like or trying to lose your feelings for someone you have never dated. But the only way to let go of the pain and become whole again is with time and if you decide to get better. One way to do this is to analyze your relationship. At the same time, you need to find distractions in order for your brain to release dopamine. We will help you walk this path through the following steps:

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1. Acknowledge reality

After my breakup with Amy, I fantasized about getting back together with him. It provided temporary pleasure, but the pain remained or sometimes came back worse than before. Maladaptive daydreaming has become a coping mechanism for many post-Covid people, as suggested bylook for.

Look forIt also suggests that while it feels good to fantasize about unlikely scenarios for a while, it deprives you of real-world experience. So don't live in denial. If you're not done yet, take a look at your relationship and see where it's headed. if you find outgaslighting in relationship, or not get the kind of commitment you want, then you have to let it slide.

2. Put yourself first

Rebecca now seemed to be a pro at the whole losing feelings for someone you love thing. So I asked him for advice. She said: "I had to put myself first. The reason I could lose feelings for someone so quickly was because I was constantly aware of the pain I would feel if I were still with them. Think about how that pain would affect you. Stop thinking that this is the best you can get. If you're not getting the value you deserve from a relationship, then it's not worth it."

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3. Quickly losing feelings for someone: don't hold back the pain

If you want to cry, cry. if you want to listenWe do not talk anymore, Do it. If you want to get drunk and watchjohn tucker must die, Continue. But give yourself enough time to cry. Don't play the hickory that hasn't been touched by ailments. Let it out in a healthy and organic way.Look forsays that suppressing emotions can make them stronger. So it's better to take it out than bury it.

4. Don't look for another relationship right away.

Dealing with emotions head-on with a healthy balance of distractions is recommended when exploring how to let go of feelings for someone you love. But "distraction" does not mean that you become dependent on another person. At this point, it might seem like to lose feelings for someone you have to gain feelings for someone else, butDo rebound relationships work?Not always. Also, you will find yourself in a complicated mess with mixed feelings towards two different people.

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5. Work on yourself

After releasing your emotions in a healthy way, visualize yourself as the person you want to be. Work to become that person. If that person is healthy, exercise and focus on their eating habits. When they are successful, focus on excelling at work. Buy it for you, not for your vanity. Keep a journal every day. Write down your goals and follow them. practice mindfulness. Do what's best for you, just try to be the best version of yourself after the first waves of pain have passed.

6. Distance yourself from them

Forbreak up with someone you loveyou need to get away from him. stop finding it. If they insist, explain to them that you need space. Get rid of all memories of her in your home. Avoid checking her profiles on social media. Especially at night. It can be hard when you want to lose your feelings for someone you see every day. If so, limit your time with them.

I worked for Amy for two years after we broke up because the pay was good. I had the opportunity to work on another floor and avoided having lunch at our old restaurant. I still had to go to meetings with him, but not seeing him every day helped distract me.

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7. Communicate with family and friends

It's a great idea to return to familiar spaces and let their warmth and comfort heal you. Make plans with your family for the weekend. I almost forgot about Amy on vacation with my extended family. Do you want to know how to lose feelings for someone you love? Catch up with your friends and find out what's new in their lives. Focus on something else for a change.

8. Talk to someone

Find a support group forDealing with loneliness after a breakupand find support from people who are going through the same thing. If possible, talk to a friend, sibling, or someone you have feelings for. Tell them how you feel and why you have decided to let go of your feelings. Talking not only helps you feel better, but it also helps you find the closure you need to let someone go.

9. Losing feelings for someone you never dated: analyze your feelings

Afor studyfound that people with higher self-esteem and less attachment anxiety report fewer side effects from a breakup. It is possible that your lovesickness is not only due to your breakup, but also to self-esteem problems. Could it be because you looked up to them as a role model? Did they remind you of anyone else from the past? Is the pain due to the loss of the relationship or the loss of how they made you feel?Look forIt also suggests that looking into why your relationship has been bad for you can help you understand how you can lose feelings for someone you love.

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10. Sal de tu zona de confort

Do things you've never done before. Something that scares you a little. Distractions like these can help take your mind off the pain. Try new foods. Wear the dress you thought you couldn't wear well. Take a solo vacation away from the city and you just mightFind love while traveling. Contact with nature can help create a positive attitude as suggested by alook for. Live new experiences to leave the old behind.

11. meet again

I love books, but Amy made fun of literature. I ended up giving up reading during our relationship. It wasn't until after my breakup that I realized I had lost my reading. So I started doing the things I had avoided thanks to him. And I discovered that it made me happy.

Consider this: Have you made any changes in yourself to accommodate this person? Has it made you unhappy? Do you want to return to your interests? If so, then go ahead. Find the person you were before you met your ex.

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12. Learn a new skill

You can learn to lose feelings for someone you love by distracting yourself with a new skill. Learn something that you can use to build an alternative career like digital marketing. Or a vital skill like carpentry that can save you money. Learning a new skill is aA useful gift that is given again and again.. This not only gives you a path to financial independence, but also gives you pride and self-confidence.

13. Don't be hard on yourself

Don't blame yourself if you feel more upset than you should. Let go of your doubts. Your process doesn't have to be the same as everyone else's. Do what makes sense to you.Look forsuggests that believing that one will get over a disgust for a particular activity, even if it is unfounded, helps in this. So if you think you're going to get better, you will.

14. Be patient

You have to trust the process. As cliché as it sounds, time heals. But no one can guarantee how long it will last. Physical distance, distraction, and support groups are helping, but it's still a long road to recovery. So be patient if you want to lose your feelings for someone you see every day. Don't relapse. Even if it takes a long timeNever accept an ex who left you. Trust that in the end it will work.

15. Seek professional help

If you feel like you can't take it anymore or that nothing works, seek professional help. At Bonobology we offer a wide rangePanel of qualified and experienced consultantsfor all your relationship questions, like how to lose feelings for someone you love

key indicators

  • To lose your feelings for your friend, analyze why you adored that person and why they are not the one for you
  • Prioritize yourself. Do things you love, take time to grieve, and go to a support group with family and friends.
  • Get away from the person you had feelings for
  • Stay distracted by learning new skills and seeking new experiences.
  • Believe in yourself and that you will improve.

What worked for Rebecca was her determination to move on from a failed relationship. She switched to another job, prioritizing her need for space and well-being. She's been journaling and traveling, and now she doesn't worry so much about crying on the phone. Sandra and I are very happy for her. Not everyone is free to quit their job or travel, but if you want to know how to lose your feelings for someone you love, you have to believe in yourself. We have all arrived. Possibly.

frequent questions

1. What can make you lose your feelings for someone?

Time, distance, and distractions can help. But basically it all comes down to will. Your process begins the day you decide that you want to lose your feelings for someone.

2. How long does it take to lose feelings for someone you love?

No one can say exactly how long it takes for someone to lose their feelings. It is different for everyone. However, this time can be shortened if you can vent your feelings in a healthy way and focus on other things.

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