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The bathroom is more than just a functional room in our home. It is a private oasis where we seek moments of relaxation, a sanctuary where we can pamper and take care of ourselves. Therefore, in the search for aesthetic perfection, we are often faced with challenges related to the distribution and selection of the appropriate elements. Don't worry because you are in the right place. In this post, we offer valuable tips to create beautiful and elegant bathrooms that will be true masterpieces of beauty and elegance. Are you ready to start this design adventure? Read on and let us guide you in creating a bathroom that everyone will envy because it comes togetherthe latest trends.

The bathroom should reflect our personality and style and the layout and design should be both beautiful and elegant. The design of beautiful and elegant bathrooms should not only follow the latest trends, but also balance between functionality and style. Every detail counts, from the arrangement of key elements to the choice of materials, colors and accessories.marble bathrooms, wooden toilets, double sinks, bathtubs... Let us guide you on this exciting journey to create a bathroom that gives you the feeling of a luxurious spa wherever you enter.

10 tips for a beautiful and elegant bathroom

Be ready to discover how to make the most of the available space, play with light to create warm environments, choose the right elements to add a touch of satisfaction and much more. Get inspired by our special ideas and tips to turn your bathroom into a haven of style and elegance.

Tip 1: Maximize space

If your bathroom is small, make the most of every square inch. Optimize the space with furniture and accessories such as built-in wardrobes, floating shelves and wall-mounted washbasins.

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Tip 2: Neutral colors and soft tones

Choose a neutral color palette and muted tones to create a relaxed yet sophisticated environment. White, cream, gray and pastel shades exude elegance and clarity.

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Tip 3: Strategic lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in designing a stylish bathroom. Combine general lighting with spotlights on focal points such as the mirror or shower. Consider installing recessed lights or wall lights for a more modern look.

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Tip 4: High quality materials

Use high-quality materials for wall and floor coverings, such as ceramics, natural stone or wooden tiles. These materials add texture and elegance to the bathroom. In addition, it is necessary to think that they will be high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

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Tip 5: Large mirrors

Large mirrors are not only practical, they can also make a small bathroom look bigger. Choose a stylish framed or framed mirror for a modern look.

Tip 6: Stylish bathroom accessories

Choose faucets and bathroom accessories with elegant finishes such as chrome or stainless steel. Clean, minimalist lines add a touch of elegance.

Tip 7: Discreet storage

Keep your bathroom neat and tidy with discreet storage solutions. Consider built-in wardrobes, cupboards with handleless doors or stylish storage baskets.

Tip 8: luxe details

Add little luxurious touches like soft towels, plush rugs, designer soap dishes or decorative accessories that make the difference. These subtle elements instantly enhance the overall look of the bathroom.

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Tip 9: plants and natural elements

Give a touch of freshness and life to your bathroom with plants or pots. You can also add natural elements such as stones, shells or wood to create a peaceful and elegant environment.

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Tip 10: Keep it simple

Avoid overloading the room with too many decorative elements. Simplicity is the key to an elegant bathroom. Pick a few highlights and let them shine on their own.

How to divide a bathroom according to its characteristics?

When dividing the layout of the bathroom, it is interesting to apply tips based on the specific size and dimensions of the bathroom. Personal preferences should also be considered to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The goal should always be to create an ideal layout that fits your space and lifestyle. Therefore, below we analyze the aspects that must be taken into account depending on the bathroom to be decorated.

Distribution of small bathrooms

If you want to effectively distribute a small bathroom, take advantage of the space and first of all choose compact elements to maximize the available space. Choose a compact sink, a shower instead of a tub, and a built-in or wall-mounted toilet. These elements free up space and create a sense of visual spaciousness. Also, consider using vertical cabinets and shelves to take advantage of the walls and provide extra storage space without taking up too much space.

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Second, use visual tricks to make your bathroom look bigger. Place large mirrors on the walls to reflect light and create a sense of space. Choose soft, light colors on walls, floors and lighting to create a feeling of openness and light. Also ensure adequate lighting by combining general lighting with spotlights in central areas.

Finally, remove unnecessary things and keep the bathroom clean. Take advantage of the height space by placing shelves or cabinets above the walls. Consider replacing traditional doors with sliding doors to save entryway space. Also remember to keep only the essentials and accessories and clean out anything that isn't used often.

Distribution of square baths

When it comes to square bathrooms, maximizing functionality and aesthetics is key. Divide the space into functional zones such as shower/tub, sink and toilet to create a clear layout. Place the sink as a focal point and consider installing a double sink if space allows. Also, analyze whether you want to have a shower or a bath (or both) and place them in the corners or on different walls, depending on the available space. Also, don't forget to use vertical storage with shelves or cabinets on the walls to keep the space clean.

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On the other hand, strategic lighting is essential in a square bathroom. Combine general lighting with spotlights on focal points such as the mirror or shower. If you also want to create a feeling of spaciousness, place vertical lamps. To maximize the effects of light, strategically placed mirrors are the best way to reflect light and visually enlarge the space. Don't forget to adapt these ideas to the specific dimensions and features of your square bathroom, looking for a balance between functionality and aesthetics to achieve a balanced and pleasing design.

Distribution of rectangular baths

When it comes to the layout of a rectangular bathroom, it is essential to use the space efficiently. An effective strategy is to divide the bathroom into clearly defined functional areas. For example, you can place the sink on the side, the shower or bath on the other side and the toilet in the middle. This ensures a logical division and natural flow in the bathroom.

Evaluate the possibility of using furniture and bathroom accessories that adapt to the rectangular space. For example, use a long narrow sink that fits on one of the long walls. You can also install a double sink and make use of the space.

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You can also install a rectangular shower cabin on the opposite wall, maximizing the space in height and length. If you have enough space, you can place a bathtub on the side and use the toilet in the middle position, leaving an open space on the other side of the bathroom for more space.

Also take advantage of the walls to add vertical storage. Install floating shelves or tall cabinets on the walls to save on toiletries and towels. This helps keep the bathroom organized and clean and maximizes the use of available space.

Distribution of bathrooms with washing machine

When furnishing a bathroom with a washing machine, it is important to consider functionality, accessibility and aesthetics. Make sure you have enough space to place the washing machine in the bathroom. If the bathroom is large enough, you can reserve a specific space for the washing machine. If you have a small bathroom, consider whether it is possible to include the clothes stop to one side or under the sink. When choosing the location, consider the proximity of water and sewer connections to facilitate installation. If possible, place the washing machine near a wall with electrical outlets for easy connection.

It is also interesting to create a visual and acoustic distance between the washing machine and the other parts of the bathroom. Also use the washing machine location to add extra storage. You can install shelves or cabinets above the washing machine to save cleaning supplies, detergent or other items needed for washing.

As ceramic specialists, Dune is currently putting our knowledge and experience at your disposal to make your bathroom TOP. Did we help you?

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