What are the main qualifications? Employability skills to help you find work (2023)

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What are the main qualifications? Employability skills to help you find work (1)

With so many young people looking for work, how do you stand out from the crowd and impress employers? This is where key qualifications come into play.

Key qualifications are employability skills needed for the world of work and are very important for life too! By developing employability skills, you increase your chances of finding a job and succeeding in your career.

But how do you get those employability skills? Fortunately, there are many different ways to develop them, including in the classroom or extracurricular activities at school.work saturday or holiday, do projects in your spare time orWork experience.

"School, Saturday work, club, society, work experience: just a few ways to acquire essential skills"

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First, watch this video for a quick overview of key skills:

What are the main qualifications?

You can read more about specific employability skills later in this article.

Here is a list of the top skills that employers are often looking for:

(Video) Employability skills – have you got them?

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Initiative
  • Problems solution
  • IT/IT knowledge
  • Organization
  • guide
  • hard work and dedication
  • creativity
  • arithmetic
  • reliability

How Key Qualifications or Employability Skills Can Improve Your Resume

According to the job boardMonster, employers consider key skills to be the most important section of your resume. A strong set of employability skills sets you apart from other candidates and shows the boss what you bring to the job.

But it's important to bring this section to life, rather than just writing a general list of key qualifications; You must give specific examples. Don't worry if you've never had a job: employability skills aretransferablefrom school, club and other areas of life.

For example, instead of having a bullet that says you're goodcommunication skills', explain that you are a member of the debating team and have already represented your school in public tenders.

Here are some top employability skills and ideas on how to develop them (and then write about them on your resume).


Employers are looking for people who canspeak and write clearly and accurately, then you need to show that you have good oral and written skills. This is one of the most sought-after employability skills.after a series of studies.

What are the main qualifications? Employability skills to help you find work (2)

Verbal communication skills are especially important for any job that involves working in a team or working directly with people. Writing skills are important for things like writing reports or dealing and negotiating with people via email.

It goes without saying that you need to make sure your application is well written and free of typos or grammatical issues. If you get it wrong, the recruiter might not even make it to the key skills section of your resume.

Practical examples you could cite are a Saturday job in a shop or cafe that requires you to communicate with customers or volunteering during a Duke of Edinburgh Awards expedition that requires you to speak and listen to your colleagues.

Examples of written communication include participating in writing contests, blogging and organizing a petition for a cause you care about, and of course, any essays you wrote for school, especially if you have supporting grades or comments. Support. above.


What are the main qualifications? Employability skills to help you find work (3)

This is an important employability skill because unless you get a job that doesn't require you to be able to talk to someone all day (unlikely!), it's very important that you can do this.work well in a team.

Most jobs involve interacting with colleagues, and you'll do well to show that you're comfortable in a group and enjoy working with others.

(Video) Top 10 Skills that’ll Make You More Employable than Most People and How to Improve them

Practical examples you can include in your application to demonstrate this employability skill include playing on a sports team, joining an after-school club, or participating in a program such as Young Enterprise, Scouts or Guides.


Browse through a selection of job postings and you'll often find something along the lines of "must be able to work independently and in a team".

While employers want to know that you're good at working with your colleagues, they'll also like to see that you're motivated, proactive, and reliable.Use your own initiative– for example, keeping your employability skills up to date with developments in your field of work.

Show that initiative is one of your top skills by taking a free online course to learn a new skill, start a new group or club, or start your own business (e.g. Cars at the Neighborhood Wash after the local car wash closes) ). .

Problems solution

Unfortunately, nothing in life guarantees a plane ride, and your new boss will want to know you don't run screaming at the first sign of trouble.

Problem solving is one of the most valuable employable skillsin any job and especially in careers that deal with challenging or ever-changing situations.

Show that you're a top-notch problem solver by showing examples like tackling a math challenge, joining the chess team, creating a website, or attending an orientation session.

What businessmen say...

We askedIBMwhat young people should ask themselves when thinking about their abilities. This is what they told us:

  • Cooperation:“How do you work together with others to achieve common goals? Do you easily form relationships with other people? Do you work as a team?”
  • Communication:“Are you presenting information clearly, accurately, and concisely? Are you adapting the way you communicate with your audience? And do you listen to others?”
  • Problems solution:“Do you solve problems through logical thinking? Can you anticipate problems? Do you have innovative ideas?”

Check the IBM profile for the last gap year and training opportunities...

computer skills

What are the main qualifications? Employability skills to help you find work (5)

Most bosses expect you to have basic IT skills (like Microsoft Office), making them an essential addition to your list of employable skills.

For other jobs, you'll need to show that you have hands-on experience in more specific programs; Some of the more common ones include Photoshop, InDesign, content management systems like WordPress, and a basic understanding of HTML.

(Video) Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training - Employability vs employment

If you want to showcase your technical and IT skills, provide some good examples of where you've used them, for example. B. build your own website or app or participate in a coding or coding challenge.


Being well organized is an invaluable employability skill for most jobs and an absolute must for those working to tight deadlines, such asprint and publish.

demonstrate thatTime managementIt's one of your key skills and showing that you can prioritize your workload will look great on your resume. examples for this areget a part-time jobjManage your work and study effectively, organize an event or publish the school newspaper.


It is important that you know how to work well in a teamShow that you would make a good leader or manager.It's an employability skill that will set you apart from many candidates.

Even if you're entering an entry-level job with no line responsibilities, that could change in the future, especially if you're good at the job and impress the boss.

Examples that showcase your leadership skills are captaining a sports team, leading a club or group, orvolunteer workas a team leader or mentor.

hard work and dedication

It doesn't matter what work you do and in which industry, every employer wants to know that you work hard.

Show that you really want to work for them (not just anyone) and that you care and are proud of what you do and it will be very attractive.

Practical examples of demonstrating these skills include taking after-school classes to improve your grades, studying an additional subject, volunteering, or getting a part-time job.


What are the main qualifications? Employability skills to help you find work (6)

Creativity shows you canthink differently– a skill that is one of the new essential skills for employability with the growth of innovative start-ups and the vast world of opportunities that the internet has opened up.

Practical examples of your creative ability include blogging, attending a school play or dance/music concert, or talking about a creative writing or photography project you did in your spare time.

(Video) Qualifications & Skills for Employment


The ability to understand and work with numbers is important in virtually any job. We use math every day to understand facts and figures, make decisions, and solve problems.

You use your knowledge of numbers not only in mathematics and natural science. Topics likeart and designand IT is about solving problems and making plans based on the information you have.

Do you have a part-time job at a store? Or earn allowance? If the answer is yes, you will almost certainly use your numeracy skills to add up the figures or add money to your savings.


Employers need people they can trust to run a great company. In addition to being great at your job, your employers want you to be on time, be there when they need you, and do what's expected of you (and more!).

You can talk about your high school/college attendance record, your involvement with clubs or societies you belong to, or how your homework is always completed on time and to the highest standard.

Now you have employability skills covered,learn about soft skills, which are equally important to many employers.

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