When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (2023)

When trust is broken in a relationship, one wonders if there is a way to turn it into a healthy relationship.

Building trust in a relationship takes a long time, but it can be broken in a second. You make one wrong move and confidence disappears.

It doesn't matter how long you've been together at this point, but if either of you lies or cheats, the trust you've built crumbles.

What do you think causes a breakdown of trust in a relationship? Is it just a lie or is there more to it?

Of course trust can be broken by many different things and it depends on the person.

They really want to make the effort to find a way to rebuild trust. It's not always easy and sometimes hopeless, but you want to try.

They don't see broken trust exclusively in romantic relationships. It occurs in any type of relationship, whether with a family member or a friend.

Trust can break any relationship and leave you devastated. Someone you trust has done something they promised never to do, which is cheat on you.

Or was it you who cheated? Were you the one who crossed the line and took things for granted by breaking the trust you worked so hard to build?

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Why is trust important in a relationship?

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Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It's built between two people to make sure you know you can count on each other.

In a love relationship, like in marriage, it's very important because you want to build a life with that person.

Are they true? Are they able to take care of things themselves or do they always stay with you?

Is there a chance that you will be betrayed or left by someone else? Can you trust that you won't be abused?

All of these questions are vitally important to you because any lack of confidence should be an immediate red flag.

It's not easy, just'Leave it behind“When trust in a relationship has been broken.

In fact, trusting your partner should be your number one priority so they don't go too far.

Although,the importance of trustit is absolutely necessary. You cannot build a loving and caring relationship on trust issues.

Reasons why trust in a relationship can be broken

If you feel like the trust in your relationship has been broken but you don't know why, there are a few reasons why this could have happened.

Each person has their own personal decision factors, but most of the time these reasons are the same for everyone.

However, there might be something that could have broken your confidence that you didn't even think about.

Here are some of the possible reasons:

1. Invasion of privacy

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Have you ever worried about spying on your partner? If the answer is yes, then you have invaded their privacy.

It's always a touchy subject, but just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you can mess with his stuff.

Should we have privacy when we are in a relationship?

Because too much can make it seem like your partner is hiding something from you and you would feel insecure if that's the case.

Still, you can't snoop around and invade their privacy just because you're paranoid.

That's one of the reasons trust is so important.

Going through the phone without your knowledge will break trust forever.

You shouldn't sniff out his messages just because you're in a relationship with him.

If he's okay with you seeing these messages, then it's his choice, and it's perfectly fine for you to do so.

But you can't take his phone without his knowledge.

It's another thing if you decide to show up at his place of work, which isn't cool if you're just trying to pick him up.

People also go so far as to go through their partner's belongings when they are not around.

For example, you rummage through his closet or his car only to find a hint of infidelity.

It's definitely not the way to go, even if you think it's perfectly fine to be in a relationship.

But I can't blame you. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

2. lies

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (3)

My biggest fear is that my boyfriend will lie to me.

I questioned him many times because I was too scared to trust him after going from one abusive relationship to another before meeting him.

lyingreally causes the breakdown of trust in a relationship. No matter what perspective you look at it, lying isNeveran order.

It's better to be open with your partner and deal with the consequences than to lie. Lying is the fastest way to break trust.

Has your partner ever lied to you?

If that's the case, you know you're not addressing the underlying cause; You only care that I lied to you.

The subsequent healing process not only removes thistrust issuesyou evolved

When you find out you've been lied to, it's like your heart is pounding in your stomach.

You want to trust that person again, but it's not so easy anymore.

3. Hide the truth

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (4)

Many would say that hiding the truth is not the same as lying, but I disagree.

You should still feel like a traitor if you hide something from your partner.

Many people think that by hiding the truth they protect their partner from getting hurt.

Do you want to stay in the dark about something going on around you?

Would you trust your partner again if you knew they made the decisions for you about what you could and couldn't handle?

Doesn't it hurt more when you discover something later?

Now that she found out they did it behind her back, she can't trust them again.

It destroys trust in a relationship. It can be broken very easily and it takes a lot to rebuild.

So never hide the truth from your partner because it's just as bad as lying to his face.

4. Break promises

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (5)

You promised something, so breaking that promise is treason.

For example, you promised to get rid of all your ex's memories and you didn't keep it.

You promised your partner that you would unfollow or block your exes on their social media platforms, only to find out days or weeks later that you didn't.

How would you feel if your partner promised to do something important for you?

How to unfollow that person doing somethingyou feel insecureor just wash the dishes before you get home from work.

If they can't do these simple tasks, ask yourself if you can trust them with more important things.

If you can't completely ignore these things (which I'm sure a lot of people don't) you would think the trust in your relationship was broken.

We call it a pledge for a reason.

You promise something and make sure you stick to it, otherwise it turns into a complete disaster that makes you doubt your partner and your relationship.

5. Don't listen to your partner

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Imagine. You've told your partner several times that you're allergic to peanuts, but he's ignored you and made a cake out of them.

The cake was a nice touch but could have done a lot of harm if you ate it.

Your partner blames you for never telling him about your allergies, but you know you've said it many times.

Who is to blame here? Of course it's your partner for not listening to you!

Not listening to your partner can easily break trust in your relationship.

They wonder if they love you just because they can't remember this information about you.

Another scenario is when you don't know if they are paying attention to you because they keep their eyes off their phone.

You don't trust your partner if this keeps happening. You don't trust him because he never listens to you anyway.

6. Belittling your partner

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (7)

Maybe one of your ex-boyfriends said something mean and demeaning about you and you found out about it through some mutual friends.

Do you remember how that felt?

And youbest friendhe goes and puts you down, it hurts, so imagine it's someone you're romantically involved with.

More often than not, when you're confronted with someone who does this, they have the audacity to play the victim, and you have to wonder where all this defensiveness comes from.

This is especially true when you know you never said anything bad about her.

You can often hear others say bad things about you, but this does not mean that you are friends with all these people.

And if it is, it will end those friendships immediately.

They are two-faced people who think it's funny to pretend to be nice in front of you and then say really mean things behind your back.

Because of this, trust in a relationship is destroyed.

The type of relationship doesn't matter because it hurts and you deserve so much more than that.

7. Fraud

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (8)

My friends and I agree that cheating isn't just physical, it's emotional.

and in reality,Anything you wouldn't do in front of your partner is considered cheating.

So if you are cheated on, you can never trust your partner again.

Every time you look at their faces you are reminded of what they did and you cannot stay in that environment.

So trust in a relationship is really broken.

Usually, cheating on someone also requires all of the above.

They weren't honest with the things they were doing and they broke the most sacred promise.

Why would someone who claims to love you seek comfort from someone else?

You are the betrayed partner here and you have every right to walk away from that person.

Fortunately, I was never tricked, but I saw what he did to one of my family members.

The way he leaves a lasting impression is heartbreaking.

After that, you can no longer trust anyone. No matter how hard you try, it's just not possible, even if you say you still love her.

Can someone's trust be restored after a relationship ends?

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (9)

I would like to say that you can and it is possible to get him back in any relationship with anyone.

However, everyone has their own values ​​and we cannot impose our own beliefs on other people.

You're wondering how to restore trust in a relationship, so you probably think it's possible for you.

You don't want to miss it.

You think you can convince your partner to give you another chance so that you can show them how loving and caring you can be.

All these things are not enough reasons to rebuild trust in a relationship, but it always depends on both partners.

A romantic relationship is all about commitment, so you have to work hard to find a way to patch things up.

It depends on your willingness to work on yourself and rebuild your trust and your partner's patience with you.

This process will not be easy or short.

It's going to be a long time with a lot of obstacles, but it's not impossible, especially if you're in a loving relationship where you and your partner get along very well.

How to regain trust after it's broken?

You can't expect to rebuild trust in your relationship like that. It's a lot of work.

One of two different scenarios could have occurred.

The first is that you were the one who cheated on your partner and the other is that you were cheated on.

The approach isn't much different in either case, so let's figure it out together.

1. Consider why this happened

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (10)

Considering why you cheated doesn't mean your lies are any less painful or your feelings are any less valid.

But if you were the one lying to your partner, wouldn't you want him to hear it too?

It doesn't matter which one of you is wrong here, because you need to listen to the reasons behind this problem and consider them.

This can help the other party to understand the thought process and get out of this problem.

Maybe the betrayal was due to a misunderstanding or miscommunication? Maybe there is nothing to complain about?

They should at least try to regain each other's trust because they should fight for their relationship.

2. Get a sincere apology.

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (11)

The one who deceived the other simply has to apologize.

And by that I don't mean a heartless apology you can find on the internet combined with some amateur acting chops.

This requires a genuine apology that shows the other person how sorry you are.

If she was the one who cheated on you, apologize and look for signs of insincerity.

It's up to you to forgive them or not. It is up to the person who was deceived whether or not to accept the apology.

3. Give it time

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (12)

When you're betrayed by the person you love the most, it's hard to think straight.

You are angry, sad and frustrated, so you can ask for a little more space, which is necessary.

If your partner needs time to decide whether or not he wants to trust you again, give him that time.

If you need that time to find yourself, take that time and claim some space.

You won't process things the way your partner would.

They will be apart for a short time, giving each other enough space to reflect on what happened.

4. Communicate!

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (13)

Nothing can be resolved without proper communication. If the two of you are willing to talk about what happened, you should talk things through.

Now you've gathered your emotions and a clear mind. You can talk and find a way to solve this problem.

Make sure you listen carefully to each other and avoid cutting each other off.

Let the betrayed person express their feelings and talk about how they felt and what they are thinking.

Let them tell you what can be done to make things better again.

If the betrayed person wants to give the other a chance, he must specify what he must do to get it back.Trust.

When you break trust in a relationship, there are things that need to be done to get your partner to trust you again.

So what are they for you and your other half?

Communication is the key to solving this problem. The one who committed the betrayal must agree to its terms and be absolutely dedicated to solving this problem.

5. Learn to forgive

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (14)

This is an extremely painful experience for both partners. Of course, it's more devastating for one than the other.

But those who have been betrayed must learn to forgive. Forgiveness is another important part when trust is broken in a relationship.

You cannot expect your relationship to get over this problem if you cannot forgive your partner for what he has done.

It's better for the two of you to break up than stay together if you can't forgive each other for the things that happened.

6. Don't hold on to the past

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (15)

You needGo straight onif you want to regain trust.

You cannot live in the past and hold on to these things while you are in a relationship with this person.

That would be the most toxic relationship ever and you don't want that for anyone else so why would you do that to yourself?

If you are not able to get away from the past, you will always hold a grudge against it.

You will end up planning your revenge, although that won't help anyone.

So don't dwell on the past because there might be a future for you and your partner if you can forgive each other.

Nothing is impossible when two people love each other enough to work through these issues.

Is it worth rebuilding trust when it is broken in a relationship?

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (16)

Since then, we've made it clear that rebuilding trust in a relationship isn't easy.

Of course you want to know if the effort and all the work you have to put into your relationship is worth it.

If your partner has made a few small mistakes over the course of your long-term relationship, acknowledges them and never does them again, then it's definitely worth it.

However, if one of you cheated on the other, I'd say that's not the case. It's not worth working on a relationship that is obviously a scammer.

Infidelity is never to be forgiven and you cannot just run away from it.

If your partner is someone who cheated on you, apologized, but continues to play games with you, then it really isn't worth it.

You deserve so much more than someone who doesn't know they're doing something wrong or who does it and does it anyway.

You don't deserve someone you're always going to ask if they're lying to you, cheating on you, or whatever.

It's not worth it if your partner doesn't understand boundaries.

So when trust is broken in a relationship, it's only worth it if both of you take that extra step and work through it thoroughly.

When trust is broken in a relationship: can it be restored? (17)


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