Zebilas to 'remove' Perth's homeless after being elected mayor (2023)

Perth mayor-elect Basil Zebilas has spoken out about his radical plan for a "safer, cleaner and friendlier city" ahead of his swearing-in on Monday.

The popular Weekend Sunrise sports reporter and former Channel Seven presenter was elected mayor of the city on Saturday night.

The father-of-three sparked outrage early in his campaign when he said he would "violently" remove homeless people from the CBD, calling them a "scourge" on the city.

Zebilas (pictured with his wife Amy and their children) won the Perth mayoral vote on Saturday night

Zebilas and his wife Amy give a speech. He narrowly won with 29.4 percent of the vote.

Despite his withdrawal during the campaign, Zebilas pressed Sunday to say that dealing with homelessness was a "big problem" for taxpayers.

Despite walking out on the campaign trail, Mr Zebilas on Sunday doubled down and said tackling homelessness was a "big problem" for taxpayers and visitors to Perth, and promised to raise the issue with the state government.

"My view is that the situation right now is not fair to the individuals themselves and it's not fair to the city of Perth and we need to find better interim solutions for people who are homeless," Zebilas said.the Australian West.

It also revealed it will be working with Queensland-based organization Beddown, which turns car parks into temporary shelters for the homeless.

"They're taking up empty or unused spaces... They're getting out of bed... and instead of people sleeping on the street, they're sleeping in a safer environment where they can get a good night's sleep and get some extra support." he said.

As for what he wants to achieve in his three years as Perth chief, Zebilas said he wanted to solve the problems that were keeping people out of the city.

“I just want people to feel like it's a more welcoming environment. And now there are various reasons why people don't necessarily come to the city to work, shop or live.'

Other priorities mentioned on Sunday were Premier Mark McGowan's tough border policy in response to the coronavirus pandemic, with Western Australia remaining closed to the eastern states.

Zebilas reiterated that homelessness was a "big problem" for taxpayers and visitors to Perth and promised to raise the issue with the state government.

Channel Seven star Basil Zempilas (pictured with Sam Armytage) has been elected Mayor of the City of Perth

He said he wants to see the borders opened as soon as possible, adding that a greater number of compassionate cases could be considered initially.

A tactic to soften the hard line in many smaller cases and see how that works is the position he said he'd like McGowan to take.

Industry experts have previously said Perth CBD businesses and hotels have collectively lost hundreds of millions in revenue as a result of the border closure.

He also said bias in local government, an issue that contributed to the dissolution of the previous council in 2018, would be tackled.

Mr. Zebilas said he hopes that whichever new councilman is voted in will stick to his own decisions and ideas, rather than voting for political reasons.

He is expected to continue to combine his media roles with his duties as mayor.

He presents the sports section on Seven News Perth, writes as a columnist for the 'West Australian' and directs AFL and Olympic commentary for Channel Seven.

He also co-presents the 6PR Breakfast Show with Steve Mills, but will step down later this year.


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On Saturday, he narrowly defeated former ABC journalist Dee Bain, taking 29.4% of the vote.

Zebilas trailed for most of the count, but enjoyed a last-minute surge of support and was ahead of Bain, who finished with 24.94% of the vote.

It is the first time in two years that voters have elected council members since the council was suspended in March 2018.

A government inquiry was then launched and found that several councilors had alleged "greed, incompetence and mismanagement".

Mr. Zebilas described the latest election as a new beginning for the city of Perth.

"This is a great opportunity for everyone and it's a great opportunity for the city of Perth to make the fresh start it's been looking for," he said.

“Everything we do from now on is for the benefit of the taxpayers and residents of the city of Perth. That's why we're here and that's what we're here to serve.

Zebilas (pictured, with wife Amy) is a proud Perth resident and says he's excited to clean up the city

The television and radio personality said in her victory speech, "Perth has given my family a great opportunity and it has given me a great opportunity, and it's the same opportunity that Perth can offer to all its citizens."

"We now have the leadership and elected council that Perth has been missing for the past three years."

He first stated his candid views on the issue of homelessness in Perth's CBD in an opinion column he wrote in August.

"I make no apologies for this, the homeless need to be removed from and around Hay and Murray Street shopping centres," he wrote.

"If necessary by force." I'm tired of hearing from people who don't live and work in the city like me that it's not that bad - in fact, it's worse.

“The look, the smell, the language, the fight - it's disgusting. Plague in our town.

Zebilas was forced to apologize after receiving widespread backlash over the comments, with critics accusing him of being "out of touch with the city".

"These comments were made out of frustration nine months ago, following an incident involving my wife and six-year-old daughter and a man that came to light at 11am on a Sunday morning," he told Daily Mail Australia.

“But the comments were inappropriate and I apologized.

“I've spent most of the last six months educating myself by talking to homeless people, better understanding their situation and talking to service providers. '

Eight new directors together with Mr. Zebalis will be sworn in on Monday afternoon.

It will be the first time in two years that the city has been governed by a council elected by residents.

The board was suspended in March 2018 and taken over by commissioners when a government investigation began.

Zebila's campaign hit a snag after he wrote in an August column that he would "forcefully remove" homeless people from downtown "if necessary."

It found "system flaws" in "poorly managed and dysfunctional governance".

Several councilors were found to have manipulated electoral processes, used their positions of power for personal gain and failed to adequately declare conflicts of interest.

"The city's culture is characterized by self-interest, complacency, a lack of accountability, a lack of transparency and a lack of effective leadership," said researcher Tony Power.

Promising a "fresh start", Zebilas based his campaign on improving homelessness, restoring funding for Aboriginal outreach programs and providing free parking for on-duty officers.

He saidthe Australian Westfelt "a great responsibility, a sense of purpose and obligation" after the narrow victory.

“I know the eight council members and certainly the mayor come with the best of intentions. They want to do the right thing by all taxpayers, residents and all visitors.

"It's our job to set the tone and lead by example, but I know from the last three months how optimistic people are about the future of the city of Perth and how quickly we can get to where we want to be." . take our great city.'

Zebilas (pictured, campaigning) promised a "fresh start" and based his campaign on improving homelessness, restoring funding for Aboriginal outreach programs and providing free parking for on-duty police


What did Basil Zempilas do? ›

Basil Zempilas was elected Lord Mayor of the City of Perth in October 2020.

How many homeless people are in Perth? ›

While WA has the lowest rate of people experiencing homelessness anywhere in the country, the overall number of people without a home still grew from 9,005 in 2016 to 9,729 in 2021.

What nationality is Basil Zempilas? ›

Basil Anthony Zempilas (born 30 July 1971) is an Australian television and radio presenter, sports commentator and politician based in Perth, Western Australia.

Did Basil Zempilas play football? ›

Zempilas played for the West Perth Football Club playing as a ruckman and forward, but retired due to injury. Zempilas played 24 games in the West Australian Football League between 1990 and 1994, kicking 25 goals including kicking 5 in a semi final in 1993.

How much does the mayor of Perth earn? ›

Elected Members attendance and allowance
Lord Mayoral meeting attendance fee$48,704 per annum
Council Member (including Deputy Lord Mayor) meeting attendance fee$32,470 per annum
Lord Mayoral allowance$137,268 per annum
Deputy Lord Mayoral allowance$34,317 per annum
1 more row

Is Basil Zempilas leaving Channel 7? ›

Since becoming Lord Mayor, despite managing to fulfil his respective roles, Basil Zempilas admitted today on Triple M Breakfast that he has become "very busy", requesting to step back from his role at Channel 7. With Basil leading a busy lifestyle, it was no surprise to those at Channel 7 during the transition.

Who has the worst homeless population? ›

In 2022, Los Angeles had the nation's largest homeless population. About 582,000 Americans are experiencing homelessness, according to 2022 Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) data.

Who has the highest homeless population in the world? ›

Homelessness in Syria

Syria has the world's highest homeless rate with one-third – roughly 29.6% – of the country's 22 million population being homeless. Syria continues to have the worst displacement situation in the world.

What causes homelessness in Perth? ›

Lack of affordable and social housing. Mental health challenges.

Is WA premier Labour or liberal? ›

Political views

McGowan has described his political strategy as "centrist", saying "you have got to appeal to everyone". He credited that strategy as one of the reasons for his 2021 landslide election. As of 2021, McGowan is one of six Labor MPs in the state parliament who are not factionally aligned.

Is Basil Zempilas leaving Triple M? ›

This morning Basil Zempilas announced his departure from Triple M Perth, with Friday the 23 September as his last day on air.

Who is the Lord Mayor of Perth? ›

Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas

He also hosts the Triple M Breakfast show on Perth radio.

Does Perth have the most millionaires? ›

Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia. It is also regarded as the capital of Western Australia. The city has the highest number of self-made millionaires in the whole world.

What is mayor Frank Scott salary? ›

After City Director Lance Hines of Ward 5 cited a requirement that the salaries of the mayor and city manager be similar, board members voted to increase Scott's annual salary to $200,000.

What is the salary of WA Governor? ›

Part 2: Salary

2.1 The Tribunal, having conducted its inquiries, determines that the remuneration for the office of Governor shall be $454,028 per annum, inclusive of personal leave.

Why is Basil leaving Radio? ›

Zempilas quit the job to focus on his role as Perth Lord Mayor and his other media commitments.

Who is the new sports reporter on Channel 7? ›

AFL news 2022: Channel 7 sports presenter Jacqui Felgate to be replaced by rising star Abbey Gelmi | news.com.au — Australia's leading news site.

Who runs Channel 7? ›

Which US state has most homeless? ›

California, New York, Florida and Washington had the most homeless people in 2022, according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report. The four states accounted for more than half of the nation's homeless population, with 30% of the total living in California alone.

What city in the US has the worst homeless problem? ›

Denver and Colorado Springs have the largest homeless communities.

What is the homeless capital of the world? ›

Los Angeles was called the “homeless capital” of the country by federal officials in 1984 and has lived up to that nickname ever since. The county of some 10 million people has more than 66,000 homeless residents, the majority living in the city of Los Angeles.

Is homelessness worse in the US or Europe? ›

You might wonder why homelessness in Europe isn't much worse than in the United States — it's poorer on average, but also more densely populated with higher land costs. Part of the answer is about inequality. The median American is richer than the median resident of any European country.

How does Japan handle homelessness? ›

Oftentimes, the homeless will set up their shelters along remote locations such as riverbanks. If the homeless have shelter in crowded areas like subway stations, they will remove themselves during peak hours.

Why is homelessness so low in Japan? ›

Why is Japan's Homeless Population So Low? Worldwide, homelessness results from many factors, including drug addiction, mental health, housing options, education and government decisions. Japan's strict drug laws, mental health systems and housing options contribute to the countries low homeless population.

Where do homeless people sleep Perth? ›

The Ruah Centre has been the heart of homelessness for over 60 years, providing people experiencing homelessness with a safe space to rest and refresh, as well as access to...

Do homeless get welfare in Australia? ›

Governments across Australia fund services to support people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.

What does the Catholic Church say about homelessness? ›

Catholic Social Teachings - Homelessness

Having adequate shelter is a basic human right; a right that the Church affirms as a key part of respecting and recognising our personhood. Ensuring everyone is able to access a safe, stable and adequate home is one part of working for the common good.

How much does the Premier of WA earn? ›

2.3 Additional Remuneration for Office Holders
Deputy Premier$302,878
Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council$292,317
Minister of the Crown$277,230
17 more rows

What party is in power in Western Australia? ›

The Liberal Party has held power in Western Australia for five separate periods in coalition with the National Party (previously the Country party), with the longest period between 1959 and 1971.

Which party is in WA? ›

Legislative Assembly
19 more rows

What happened to 92.9 Perth? ›

On 19 January 2015, Southern Cross Austereo rebranded 92.9 as Hit 92.9. On 1 December 2020, Hit 92.9 relaunched as Triple M Perth, joining the Triple M network and adopting a mainstream rock music format. The Hit Network affiliation was switched to sister station Mix 94.5.

Why is Chris Page leaving Triple M? ›

Speaking on Breakfast with MG, Jess & Pagey on Wednesday, the host said it was time for something different after more than a decade at the network. 'Sometimes you can do the same thing for too long,' he began. He joked that his next role won't require him getting up every day at 4am.

Who is the new host of Triple M? ›

“In early 2023, 93.1 Triple M Bundy will be home to a brand-new team,” they said. “Elerrina McPherson and Joseph Baxter are coming together to wrap their arms around the heart of Bundy. experience together for the Bundy community.

Who is the CEO of the City of Perth? ›

*Michelle Reynolds took up the role of Chief Executive Officer of the City of Perth in August 2020. Prior to this, she held the positions of Executive Director at Rottnest Island Authority and Chief Executive Officer at WorkCover WA.

How do you address the Lord Mayor of Perth? ›

Use the honorific 'Ms', 'Mr', 'Mx', 'Mrs' or 'Dr' with the names of the lord mayors of Adelaide and Perth.

Why is it called Lord Mayor? ›

Lord mayor is a title of a mayor of what is usually a major city in a Commonwealth realm, with special recognition bestowed by the sovereign. However, the title or an equivalent is present in other countries, including forms such as "high mayor".

Is Basil the mayor of Perth? ›

Welcome to the news and updates page for the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth, Basil Zempilas.

Is the Labour party capitalist or socialist? ›

Labour is a member of the Party of European Socialists and Progressive Alliance, and holds observer status in the Socialist International.

Is the Labour party conservative or liberal? ›

Since the 1920s, the Labour Party emerged to be the Conservatives' main rival and the Conservative–Labour political rivalry has shaped modern British politics for the last century. In 2010, the Conservatives entered a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats.


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